I hope you had a great holidays.
I used my photos in a collage for a Christmas gift to my new boyfriend.  He really loved them.  I also gave him a few framed photos which he wants to bring to work.
You can feel free to use any of this as a testimonial.
As I have said many times before, your photos made a big difference as to how many responses I received to my online profiles.
Doug was definitely drawn to my photos.  It’s hard to tell if he would have responded if the photos weren’t done so well.  He loves them, and he was anxious to get some since I told him I would be ordering some.
The photos capture so many difference emotions that would have been hard to evoke if a friend were taking them of me.  I feel that you did a great job of making me feel special that day, and the finished product made me think that those photos were of someone else, not me.  They obviously helped me to meet the right guy, and I have posted some on Facebook only to receive may compliments from my friends.  I have also used some as professional photos.
I have never met a photographer that has been able to capture the essence of the moment as you have, Jon.  You should be proud of your creativity and professionalism.
I hope that this helps you to understand how I appreciate your hard work for me.  Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.
Happy New Year!
Paula —


“Jon has a talent of seeing the beauty in people and bringing it out and photographing it. That is a really amazing thing.”

— Lisa



“I never dreamt that any one could make me look so good. Thanks Jon! ”

— Anna


“I don’t think I have had more than half a dozen photos taken of me in my lifetime that I did not hate… I have *always* been camera shy, and always thought I was not photogenic…Not so with his photos. Jon took great care of me, made me laugh and smile, appreciated me and made space for me to blossom. The photos were gorgeous!”

— Lisa


“A client who had promised me that it was impossible to have a picture of her – ever –  that she would love or like even. I convinced her to go to you and give it a shot. And when she got the photos back she had to admit that, it sounded like she was even having a hard time admitting it, she said ‘Well, you know, yeah I actually loved some of them. :)”   So , yeah that was great. 🙂 ”

— Karen Jones, Dating Coach   – www.theheartmatters.com


“Having a photo shoot done with Jon is a wonderful experience. He is professional, yet relaxed, which really supported me in expressing myself so that the photos in the end portrayed the real me.”

— Robyn


“Jon’s photos are now mainstays of my website…He’s truly awesome in his ability to inspire beauty and fun and he really gets the true essence of the people he shoots.”

— Kelly



Thank you so much.  I really love the photos. You do some great photography work. I am so happy to have them. Thank you! Take care and thanks for all your hard work and efforts creating this wonderful collection of photos. You have great talent!  Thank you for everything.”

— Buffy


“Hi Jon,

Thank you so much for the pictures. They are wonderful. I put three up on Match and have been inundated with emails from men since they went up. So thank you so much.”

— Sue


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